Estimate AI ™

Estimate AI ™

FieldHub's Deep Learning project estimation validation will show a recommended hour estimate based on a material least and past performance. Scopes of work are given a confidence rating based on the labor estimated and the material associated. Estimate AI™ some of the criteria factored into this scope are:

  • Categories of and the exact material items included in a scope of work

  • Type of work being performed (e.g., new construction, retrofit, base system, system add-on)

  • Characteristics of the property where work is being performed (e.g., number of floors that the work is to cover, number of levels in the property, estimated level on complexity on a scale of 1 to 5, ceiling types, and other criteria relevant to your types of projects).

  • Most importantly, past performance is factored in to the artificial intelligence model so the more work quoted and managed in FieldHub, the more relevant the Estimate AI scoring.

AI Analytics Engine

FieldHub leverages AI Engines to build an estimation model which is specific to your business and your teams. The model improves with every project scoped and performed.AI Deep Learning allows you to estimate the way you want, but gives your estimators an objective measure against real past performance.