Work Order Management

Work Order Management and Project Tracking

Proposals are converted to work orders and time and expenses are tracked to allow managers one-stop access to budgets and actuals for material and labor.

Work orders are the center of project management with material lists, labor estimates and actuals, margin calculations, as well as purchase order, invoice, and progress invoice creation.

You can attach "Flow" processes to work orders to track new installations, on-site services, material ordering, monitoring account creation, or other processes or tasks associated with a project.

The real-time WorkLog Dashboard shows you where your team is headed, where they are now, and how long they have been there in a quick glance real-time display.

All of the Material in Your Scope of Work Tracked

How much material was proposed? Purchased? Installed? Invoiced?

Generate material requests, purchase orders, and view the status all in one place.

Track Project Metrics in Real Time

How many hours are estimated?How many hours are complete?What is the last project lead estimate, and what does that mean for the project's financial performance? You can keep track of the details in real time.

Detailed Reports from the Field

Every work log from the field includes important details about the project's daily work, including a timeline of traveling to the job, time spent, breaks, material installed, field worker notes, and pictures of the work.

Find all work logs and images from your field in one place.

Report on Project Performance Across a Manager, Account, and Timeframe

View dozens of attributes related to your work orders, including estimated hours, actual hours, material costs, etc.

Progress and Project Completion Invoicing from Work Orders

Keep a clear view of what work orders need to be invoiced and convert work orders to invoices maintaining all relevant information.