FieldHub is the modern all-in-one platform for security company operations. This month FieldHub is releasing, out of beta, the Scheduling module, providing integrated work order calendaring for field technicians.

With FieldHub’s Scheduling, work orders are easily drag-and-dropped onto a native calendar. If desired, companies can create multiple calendar views to separately track assignments by job type (e.g. install vs. service), office location or other key differentiators. Dispatch coordinators at the office are able to assign jobs based on skill set or team grouping history, and the calendar dashboard provides clear visibility to when technicians are under- or over-scheduled.

All scheduled appointments sync onto the field technicians’ mobile applications, where those technicians check into projects and manage the work performed. The mobile app syncs with the cloud to maintain core functionality when technicians are in poor data-coverage areas. Technicians’ locations are geo stamped and displayed to dispatchers for real-time status tracking.

All system modules, including Scheduling, are included in FieldHub’s basic pricing with no additional surcharge.

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