FieldHub: The All-in-One Operating Platform for Security and Fire Integrators

FieldHub grew out of the real-world needs of a regional security and fire integration company. We built our platform specifically to streamline processes, manage recurring revenue, track inventory, and integrate seamlessly with industry-specific systems.

Our Story

FieldHub was founded as a result of our experience starting and growing a security and fire integration company that was originally started in Washington, DC in 2008. Led by industry veterans with backgrounds in software development, the company trained its focus on the industry's need for modern software, and began working on a comprehensive solution. The result was the creation of a powerful product that would reduce redundancy, and streamline workflows. The software could also handle the complexities of businesses that employ field techs — including unique features that could manage proposals, installations, maintenance, field operations, inventory, and financial reporting — with precision.

FieldHub Today

Today, FieldHub is regarded as the leading all-in-one built for the cloud operating software designed specifically for the security, fire, and low-voltage industries. Serving clients throughout the United States and Canada, we partner with top companies in the field. Our white-glove implementation and highly responsive support have built our reputation as a reliable and invaluable business partner.

Our Leadership

Over the years, FieldHub’s leadership team has expanded to include co-founders and colleagues who share expertise in the security industry and passion for software. Together, we understand the unique operational needs of these types of businesses and strive to maximize efficiency within the field.

Miles Fawcett, CEO and Founder

Commitment to Customers

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

FieldHub focuses on providing reliable customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our success is directly connected to our customers, and we work diligently to meet their requirements and expectations. We emphasize clear and candid communication, timely responses, and expert services throughout our interactions.

Unique Expertise and Experience

Our main strength lies in our unique combination of expertise and experience in computer science, web application development, field service, and the security installer and integrator industries. Our team has years of collective experience in software engineering, and that allows us to create reliable, efficient, and user-friendly web applications. The solutions we bring help us meet our clients where they are, and assist them in pushing their businesses forward.

Mission and Values

At FieldHub, our mission is to fuel our customers’ growth with cutting-edge software tools and services. We are devoted to crafting innovative solutions that drive success for our clients, our company, and our team members. Our core values revolve around shared triumphs, and we firmly believe that by championing the success of all stakeholders, we can forge lasting partnerships that yield mutual benefits.

Company Timeline

FieldHub was founded in 2018 as a direct response to the industry's need for modern, cloud-based software. Our purpose-built all-in-one ERP solution quickly gained recognition, propelling us to the forefront of the security and fire installer industries. Today, FieldHub continues to innovate and lead, empowering businesses to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service.


Early Development

Early development of FieldHub begins, to support the growth of Miles' security and fire integration company.


Company Launch

Team ramped up from 5 to 20+; Initial proof of product


Ramp Up

Development team grows to 30+ Additional ALPHA customers; iOS mobile application (previously Android only)



Major updates to general ledger structure; Release of banking tools and full financial statements;



Validated product market fit and focus; Partner with IBM for scale and security; First dozen deployments



Additional partners to support migrations from incumbent software; Multiple scripted migrations from industry incumbent; Ramp up implementation team



Integration with industry leading central stations; Support for large customers (10+ offices; 100K+ accounts)

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
FieldHub Inc

2093 Philadelphia Pike #7220
Claymont DE 19703
tel. 202.417.8196

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