Sales & Proposal Management

Proposal Creation and Management

In fast growth companies, creating and presenting high quality proposals to your prospects and customers ideally happens accurately and quickly. Customers expect immediate turn around, so your sales team needs to use their time efficiently.

Proposal Creation

Sales teams can select from items and groups of items to build their proposal. Material may be added by search, expandable tree, or manually for special order items.

Items may be organized into groups or optional groups allowing for flexible proposals to cover base requirements and optional add-ons.

Proposal Review

Sales team members can submit proposals for sales management or engineering review using the Flow Engine™, and customers can access the proposal through the Customer Portal. Sales teams are notified when a customer accesses their proposal online, or are reminded if proposals are not accessed after a defined number of days.

Automatic Resource and Assumptions

FieldHub’s proposal creation process automatically attaches datasheets, resources, and videos when relevant items are part of a proposal.

Assumptions are also added, based on the material included in the scope of work, making certain that important assumptions are included in the proposal.

Track Opportunities and Proposals With Flow Dashboard

The Flow Dashboard allows you to customize your specific process for opportunities and proposal review. You can view the status on a dashboard that anyone can pull up, and you can display the information on the wall of your sales office to keep everyone on the same page.