Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Customers first use the portal when they are presented with a proposal. From that point on, they are able to view all of their proposals, work orders, invoices, and the credit card on file. They may update their 'credit card on file' information, or review documentation, agreements, and other documents associated with their account.

Invite Customers to Proposal Portal

The proposal portal allows you to generate links for prospects and customers to access proposals. Your sales team is notified when a proposal is accessed (or if it is not accessed for a predefined period).

Customer Resources from Proposal and Invoices

Customers access their proposals through a single link into the customer portal; work orders, invoices, resource documentation, and the credit card on file are all accessible in one place.

Customer Payments and Card on File

Click to pay using credit card(s) on file. Set a global or account level limit on the amount customer may use a credit card to pay.