Field Technician Mobile Application

Field Technician Mobile Application

The Field Tech Mobile App keeps everyone on the same page. One source for tracking labor hours, travel time, material installed, etc feeds payroll, job costing, and all details of the project.

  • Travel time, time-on-site, and break time tracking
  • Material installation tracking
  • Material request
  • Ad-hoc checklists for field team
  • Photo capture of work performed
  • Work order instructions and notification

Time Tracking and Payroll Reports

Techs track their time including travel, break, and work time. This entry feeds into job costing, payroll, and management reporting.

Operational Visibility in Real Time

The mobile app tracks travel time, break time, mileage reimbursements, and of course work time. All actions are time and geo stamped.

Track and Access Project Details

Field techs can track images and notes from projects and access the documentation history. Then completing projects, the technician indicates completed work and, if more work required, an estimate for completion and any additional material to complete a project.

Transfer Material From the Work Kit or Truck Stock to the Job

Field tech's transfer material from the warehouse, to the vehicle, then onto the installation site. Track installed material including location, serial numbers, and barcode scanning.

Techs may indicate additional material required for a project which routes the request to project management or purchasing.