Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Tracking material ordering, storage, and installation is a time-consuming task. A streamlined system which facilitates the process improves team member efficiency and accuracy. FieldHub's web platform with integrated mobile app workflows keeps everyone in sync from the proposal through installation and service tracking.

  • Material Request Process
  • Purchase Orders
  • Barcode generation and scanning for inventory movements
  • Inventory kitting
  • Serial Number Tracking

Tracking and Organizing Stored Material

Tracked inventory by locations and bins. The location of material, including serial numbers if appropriate, is tracked from the moment it is received until it is prepared in project kits, picked up by the technician, and installed on the job site.

Material Requests and Purchase Order

Material requests can be created from work orders or by the field tech if additional material, not included in the bill of materials, is needed. Material requests routed to the warehouse for fulfillment from the inventory or purchasing may generate purchase orders and track vendor shipments.

The purchase order process keeps project management up to date on ETA of ordered equipment and notification when material kits are ready to be picked up.