One system.
Countless efficiencies.

Integrate your management of sales, workforce, inventory, and recurring revenue in one intuitive platform. So you can do more.

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iPhone with FieldHub field tech mobile application screen-capture

Close your deals.
Open your eyes.

FieldHub’s native proposal generation tool lets your sales team focus on closing the deal while the system tracks time-to-close metrics and work order conversions.

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FieldHub Sales dashboard

Track time and technicians
in the palm of your hand.

Tired of nagging technicians for time logs? FieldHub’s mobile app lets technicians check in and out of job sites with a tap of their finger. Stay connected for real time logging or work offline to connect later.

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Scheduling will become
a treat. No, really.

With FieldHub’s scheduling and dispatch tool, just drag-and-drop to assign jobs across your docket. It’s really that easy.

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Know your inventory.
Know your profits.

Never quite sure what’s on all those shelves? FieldHub’s warehouse management tracks work orders through to fulfilment, so you’re only ordering what you need when you need it.

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Our Features

With over twenty cumulative developer-years invested, FieldHub is a modern and feature-rich platform for businesses with field services, recurring revenue, and inventory management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A single source of truth for contact information and company relationships  across all your project touchpoints. Bad data, be gone!

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Sales & Proposal Management

Quickly convert opportunities to proposals to work orders within a single platform. No migrating between systems to slow things down when you need to get moving.

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Scheduling & Dispatch

Filter your resources by geography, availability and skill level to assign the right teams to the right jobs at the right time.

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Warehouse Management

Native functionality tracks material requests, purchase orders, and receivables to keep your shelves stocked and your projects moving.

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Field Technician Mobile App

Intuitive mobile app lets technicians track labor hours, breaks and travel time by simply checking in and out on-the-go.

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Reports & Dashboards

Access our library of built-in reports tailored to the unique needs of the field service industry.

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Systems Management

Your go-to destination for tracking device history, installation and maintenance visits, and more. Details are accessible via both the web and technician mobile applications.

Customer Portal

A single location for your customers to access proposals, work order history, and invoices. Via the Portal, customers can also pay outstanding invoices and manage stored payment information.

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Job Costing

FieldHub’s native sales module and general ledger means you get an easy comparison between estimates and actuals, all in one place.

Project Management

Use workflows and project groups to track project phasing and task lists. See progress on procurement requests right in project profiles.

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Recurring Billing and
Receivables Automation

FieldHub automatically invoices and charges your recurring customers, handling revenue recognition and deferment as needed,

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Time Tracking and Payroll

Your staff track work, break, travel and lunch time right in FieldHub, using either the web or mobile interface. Approved time is then available for export to your payroll provider.

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Process and Workflow Management

With FieldHub’s flexible FlowEngine® workflow system, you can easily track the progress on everything from sales opportunities to projects to invoices. All from a single dashboard.


FieldHub Customer Feedback

"We had a very smooth migration, and your team has been great to work with.  We just had our first financial meeting with real FieldHub reports, and it was awesome to actually TRUST the numbers that we saw without having to do additional side calculations..."

Adam Jacobs, President

American Alarms, Des Moines lowa
"The team at FieldHub made the transition as painless as I can imagine. It has been a great move for us."

Mark Allen, President

President Computer Power Systems (CPS)
"We rely on FieldHub to streamline nearly all aspects of our business operations. Their service and support is exceptional, and they really understand our industry."

Dean Pack

Vice President of Sales and
Operations Urban Alarm, Kastle System
"I was introduced to FieldHub at my previous company and was so impressed I made sure my new company implemented it. Their onboarding and training was fantastic and it is a major competitive advantage in growing our business!"

Matthew Lavigne

Principle Assess Security Systems
"Just saying…this release is so mind-blowing... When we talked about asset and contract tracking way back when, I didn't realize they were going to be here in such beautiful package. Yay, yay, yay!""

Sierra Allevato

Security Install Solutions (SIS)
"We just went live with FieldHub a week ago. So far, it's been a major improvement from what we used to use... The guy who founded it used to be an integrator, so it's already geared towards this industry."

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