Implementation Services

FieldHub's expertise in field management, application development, embedded device development, mobile apps, etc. are the starting point to address your specific requirements.

FieldHub leverages our module products and code, based to specialize in:

Field Service management with mobile app deployments

High volume cloud based video / alarm management for operator processing

Distributed alarm processing (e.g., off-shore / on-shore integrated video event processing)

Field Service Data Analytics Consulting with FieldHub's EstimateAI™ services on your existing Field Service Systems.

Inventory management and accounting related to field service operations

Recurring revenue management and recognition

IoT embedded device development with cloud configuration management and integration

Muti-entity CRM, accounting and reporting (e.g., authorized dealer programs, franchises, and distributed offices)

We are selective and strategic in the custom implementations we take on and are happy to discuss your project requirements to see if there is a good fit.

Certified Consultant Program

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