Flow Engine® Process Management

Flow Engine® Process Management

Managing the process is critical to the success of any field service company. FieldHub’s Flow Engine® takes integrated process management to a new level with flexible process definition and visual dashboards. Processes may be designed and associated with accounts, contacts, proposals, or any other data type.

Each action in a Flow is represented by a card which may be dragged and dropped to the next permitted stage in a Flow.

Use Process Flow Templates or Create Your Own Customer Process

Create a "Flow" to target many of the data types in the system including Accounts, Proposals, Work Orders, and Invoices.

Define the Steps in Your Flow

Define the steps or phases of your process, utilize color indicators, define acceptable time frames for actions, designate default assignees, and outline available next steps.

Set Up an Optional or Required Checklist at Each Phase

Before a Flow may be moved to the next phase, require specific actions be recorded with a checkbox or other field; or allow for optional information to be gathered throughout the course of a Flow.

View Flow History and Activity

Access the history of any Flow to see when it was created and who did what when.