FieldHub’s all-in-one platform for security company operations now integrates with Vivid CPM to provide flexible financial statement reporting, and general ledger based analytics. 

Vivid Reports CPM with FieldHub enables security alarm company finance departments to quickly produce, deliver and analyze powerful and interactive financial reports and budget models. Team members and stakeholders have immediate access to financial information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) gaining valuable insight into the financial operations of their businesses.

Vivid Reports CPM transforms Microsoft Excel(R) into a secure financial reporting tool, taking information from FieldHub’s general ledger and delivering customizable financial reports with drill-down analysis.

Vivid Report CPM Reporting in Excel

Vivid Reports CPM for FieldHub is available through and supported by Astute Financial Consulting, a FieldHub Certified Consultant. Astute Financial’s basic reporting package :

  • Balance Sheets Condensed and detailed
  • Rolling 12-Month Balance Sheets (Condensed and detailed)
  • Income Statements Condensed and detailed
  • Rolling 12-Month Income Statements (Condensed and detailed)
  • Cash Flow Statement (Standard format)
  • Department Expense Statements (Standard format)
  • Rolling 12-Month Department Expenses (Condensed and detailed)

Other features of Vivid Reports CPM include budget plans and scenarios, consolidated reports across FieldHub business entities, account and work order detail reporting, and more.

About Vivid Reports

Vivid Reports is a software development company that creates Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions specializing in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and BI reporting tools that leverage Microsoft Excel®. Our mission is to provide comprehensive software that easily organizes, transforms and reveals the valuable information captured by an organization’s systems, so that it can be used intelligently to drive decisions, cut costs, gain competitive advantages, recognize opportunities and manage effectively.

About Astute Financial Services

Astute Financial provides service and support for companies that need effective accounting and business management solutions. Astute Financial’s reporting and consulting services are security industry-specific and will give you everything you need to boost your company to the next level.

About FieldHub

FieldHub Inc. is a developer of SaaS solutions for field service and security integrator businesses. The FieldHub cloud platform offers integrated CRM, field service management, inventory, revenue management, accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, and process management for businesses with field services, project management, inventory, and recurring revenue. For more, visit