Executive Summary

FSS Technologies, a leading innovator in the security technologies space, encountered significant challenges with its aging ERP software. Their search for a scalable, comprehensive solution to support their growing operations led them to FieldHub, a cloud-native ERP solution. The transition resulted in marked improvements in efficiency, robust reporting, and superior customer service.

Company Overview

FSS Technologies, with a workforce of approximately eighty, ten thousand customers, and offices across Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, needed an ERP solution capable of sustaining their business growth and evolving needs.

The Challenge

Their decade-old ERP software started to show signs of obsolescence, with dwindling support and stagnant product enhancements. The company grappled with recurring unresolved software issues, which notably impacted their month-end procedures.

Facing the impending need for considerable infrastructure upgrades, FSS Technologies strategically opted to switch to a modern, cloud-based solution, aiming to eliminate the need for costly hardware investments.

The Selection Process

The migration to a new ERP solution was no small task, requiring a clear and substantial value proposition. FSS Technologies sought a solution that was cloud-native, all-in-one, capable of flexible reporting, tailored to their business model, continuously improving, and backed by a responsive and knowledgeable team.

FieldHub emerged as the preferred solution, offering a unique sandbox pilot process to validate its functionality and performance before commitment. This allowed FSS Technologies to make an informed decision about FieldHub's suitability before implementation. Garrett Handy, FSS Technologies’ Executive Vice President commented "We found no other products could match the quality and features of FieldHub."


FieldHub's team provided extensive training materials and resources during the implementation phase. The process included a carefully planned migration of data from the legacy system to FieldHub, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Handy noted, "The FieldHub team was instrumental in the transition. Their training and hands-on approach ensured a smooth process."

The Solution

FieldHub's system consolidates sales, field service, inventory, accounting, and more into a single all-in-one platform. The system comes with built-in and customizable workflows tailored to the needs of security and fire integrators, such as FSS Technologies. As a cloud-native solution, FieldHub eliminates the need for the FSS Technologies team to connect to VPNs and terminal servers, facilitating access from any location.

During the implementation process, FieldHub provided feature updates specifically designed to address FSS Technologies' needs concerning multi-location offices, operations, and reporting.

Thanks to FieldHub's APIs and data access capabilities, Astute Financial, the financial reporting partner of FSS Technologies, can deploy their standard reporting packages maintaining consistency of standard company reporting.

The user-friendly design of FieldHub promotes easy adoption among the FSS Technologies team. As Handy noted, "Our team found FieldHub easy to use and quickly adapted to the new system. The FieldHub customer services team was responsive and engaged at every step of the process."


The move to FieldHub resulted in significant benefits, including improved efficiency, better access to information, sophisticated reporting capabilities, and improved workflows. FieldHub streamlined complex processes, speeding up task completion. The solution's user-friendliness, attentive support, and customizable views were key to improving FSS Technologies' operations.

Reflecting on the impact, Handy said, "FieldHub's robust reporting and tailored workflows have positively affected our management processes. Its flexibility and scalability have also prepared us for future growth."


FieldHub's security and fire industry-specific ERP solution illustrates the advantages of tailored functionality and a deep understanding of unique workflows and needs. Its successful implementation at FSS Technologies showcases the potential of such a targeted solution in bringing speed, agility, and lower total cost of ownership, delivering a potent platform for future business operations.

In Handy's words, "The FieldHub implementation was seamless, the support has been exceptional, and the platform has modernized our operations."