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While security integrators are in business to integrate security systems, often there’s nothing integrated about the business of security itself — from the central stations, interactive service providers and point solutions, to the myriad homegrown systems implemented and jury-rigged together over the years.

Unfortunately, this complex web of systems has resulted in multiple silos of business and customer data. Without the ability to collectively harness the information housed in these disparate systems, integrators are often blind to the rich insights that lie within their very own data. What’s more, this lack of integration can be frustrating for employees and customers alike, and especially for owners and managers who aren’t able to efficiently scale their businesses.

Such was the experience of Miles Fawcett, CEO of FieldHub Inc., Washington, D.C., when he started his security integration company in 2008. “I looked at the software available to run a business and felt a real gap,” he said. “My background was in software development ... I had a clear vision of the product I wanted to use to build and grow my business, and I had relationships with software developers. I made the decision to build a platform for my company. I wanted something that could eventually be spun off and provide cloud-based services for other integrators.”

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