With Eyes to the Future, Enterprise Security Solutions Grows in Tandem with FieldHub Software

Enterprise Security Solutions
Security and Investigations

Company Overview

Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS) provides consultative design and implementation services to clients looking for high-end security solutions in the arenas of cyber, physical, or electronic security. This female-owned small business first opened their doors in 2014 and hasn’t stopped growing since. 


In 2019, ESS really started to hit their stride. It was during that year that ESS projected a large amount of growth in a short amount of time, both in terms of sales and workforce. At that time, their team of 8-10 was using Intuit QuickBooks and accompanying TSheets application to manage time and payroll. Seeing they were poised for significant growth, ESS’s Vice President of Operations, Samuel Bernick, had the foresight to know that QuickBooks did not have the capacity to meet the needs of their growing team. 

He also knew that a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can shape how an organization operates. In order to minimize headache and maximize adoption, Bernick was looking for a platform that was all-inclusive and easy to use, as well as one that would meet the specific needs of the ESS market.

Solutions by FieldHub

In searching for such a solution, Bernick’s former colleague recommended he explore FieldHub, an all-inclusive software application built specifically for security integration companies. The FieldHub platform met Bernick’s criteria: it was made for the security industry, and  allows users to manage projects, financials, inventory, and more under the same interface. ESS had found their answer. 

In the fall of 2019, ESS went live on FieldHub. FieldHub quickly became an integral part of ESS’s day to day operations. ESS has been pleased with the features developed by the FieldHub team, and has been excited to help shape the product when new needs arise. For example, ESS was interested in gathering monthly purchase order reports that they could then easily export. At the time, this was not a ready-made feature, but one created upon request and now available to all users of the FieldHub software. This symbiotic relationship was exciting, as--in FieldHub--ESS found a partner that was willing to grow for and with them. 

“It’s been a great relationship. We live and die by FieldHub.” – Samuel Bernick, VPO of Enterprise Security Solutions


Today, ESS has grown to employ over 50 people, all of whom are using FieldHub. The ESS team uses FieldHub for everything from sales tracking and reporting to inventory and operations management.  

  • Installation and project managers like the ability to kit materials for an install. Once the materials are collected and tagged with a barcode printed from the software, the field technicians then scan the barcode using their mobile app when picking up kits for installs. This helps enforce accountability so parts are no longer lost track of. 
  • The warehouse team loves the inventory tools available within FieldHub’s Warehouse Management feature suite. ESS stocks numerous high-ticket products in their warehouse, so having visibility in terms of availability, restock times, and physical item location is a huge time-saver. They’re also able to go back and pull metrics of previously sold items, allowing the purchasing department to see into the future of what products may need a restock. 
  • Prior to FieldHub, the ESS sales team was tasked with reading project specifications and pulling out potential parts, scope of work, and labor associated with the project. Using the Proposal Management features within FieldHub, and the material profiles that provide product photos, descriptions, pricing, and default vendors, the task of creating a proposal has been significantly streamlined and standardized. 

Enterprise Security Solutions continues to experience success by relying on their core values, experience, and--of course--FieldHub, to deliver top-notch security solutions to their growing customer base. 

The FieldHub cloud platform offers integrated CRM, field service management, inventory, revenue management, accounts receivable and payable, and process management for businesses with field services, project management, inventory, and recurring revenue.